Our four sites, Tech Power Electronics and Tech Production based in France, as well as Romanelec and Transformatorul based in Romania, were re-awarded at the end of October 2018 the EN 9100 certification, guaranteeing our constant improvement of our processes.

Specific to aeronautics, EN 9100 takes over not only the entire ISO 9001 standard but also includes 30% additional requirements.
The internationally recognized EN 9100 accreditation is a European standard describing a quality assurance system for the aviation market.
In addition, the standard EN 9100 applies to both manufacturers and their suppliers.

The renewal of our EN 9100 accreditation thus reinforces our position as a privileged partner of international aeronautics, thus enabling us to develop ever more our collaborations with major clients in France and abroad.

This certification EN 9100, like all those we are depositories, is part of the continuous improvement process implemented by Tech Power Electronics.

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