From design and prototypes to production and support, Tech Power Eelectronics Group provides all aspects of inductive components. We offer innovative solutions for specific needs. We master all the channels needed by the production of standard or customized products. We are : 

- Experts in energy conversion,

- Experts in signalling,

- Experts in industrial safety, 

- Experts in LED lighting.    

Benefit from our expertise for innovative products

We have built a long-term partnership with our customers, by providing innovative and high-performance solutions which meet thier specific requirements. 


Standards products - Bespoke products - Highly innovative products - Large and average series - Special series

To support and respond efficiently and quickly to our customers, we have been implemented reliable and efficient manufacturing, procuring and delivering processes in our worldwide facilities.




  • Enquiry

    We offer customers individual consultancy services following the principle of "best in class".
  • Offers

    Our technically competent personnel provide you with quick and binding offers.
  • Prototypes

    We provide hight-quality ready for manufacturer prototypes when required
  • Production

    We use reliable processes to manufacture inductive components that meet the highest demands.
  • Delivery

    Innovative logistics warehousing enables us to offer fast and flexible deliveries - Just-in-Time when required